Just-released single by Pen Pin, The Boredom, seeks to rock the boat with their indie-pop-meets-surf rock sound. The new single perfectly captures this new brand of dissatisfaction that permeates the current climate and sets it to a backdrop of a new and easy-going beachy indie beat. The song carries the air of the ending of summer, over the sound of beachy surf-rock to create this breezy song.
In the accompanying music video for the new single, the picture is marred by the blue light from the titular screen from The Boredom. For Pen Pin, this boredom takes form as a malicious criminal robot, creeping up on you insisting on being addressed, stealing and murdering in his wake. The band insists that it’s not all doom and gloom though – Jeni hopes the song is read less as a warning and more “as a reminder not to be too hard on ourselves when we find ourselves scrolling through our phones yet again, without knowing how we got there.”

Pen Pin as a duo were initially united whilst on tour with Mitski and have since engineered their sound collaboratively. Jeni Magana and Emily Moore play almost all the instruments featured and handle the production themselves. So far as individual musicians, their craft has propelled them to share stages with industry giants like Mitski, Taylor Swift, and Dua Lipa, a testament to their undeniable talent. We expect this group can accomplish even bigger things together, and The Boredom is only the beginning.