We can all agree that going through heartbreak is tough, sad, and lonely (even if you have friends by your side supporting you). And for artists, it’s all of these but, in addition, it’s also inspiring. If you think about it, how many songs, films, or books do you know about this stinging feeling? Well, here’s another one, and one of our favourites so far. Past Life Romeo has just released the single Saliva, the third of their upcoming debut album, titled You Look Just Like Me (out via record label Secret Life Records(, scheduled for release on 24th May.
You might not be familiar with Past Life Romeo’s name yet, but you sure will. The artist, whose real name is Camila Djadja, is a singer-songwriter who has already been in the music industry with her rock group Sugar Pills, in addition to being involved as well in film and cinema, having produced music videos and original soundtracks. For their debut LP after going solo, they’ve worked with mixer James Rand (Eartheater, Sega Bodega) and producer/musician Carlos Loverboy (Spill Tab, Blossoms, Myd). So that’s an impressive résumé to start with.
After releasing two tracks – Sometimes, Most Nights and Drew a Heart <3 – from the upcoming album, Past Romeo Life is gifting us one last teaser before the full record comes out on Friday. If the two previous songs were more within the rock and also electronic realms, Saliva follows that same path blending genres but is, at the same time, the slowest and most reflective. All of them have an intrinsic melancholy to them; a sort of sad beauty that makes you feel bittersweet when listening to them. 
“It’s bad, it’s ok / Change my mind everyday / It’s hard to catch a breath,” Camila sings sadly at the beginning of the song after a soft, instrumental intro. In Saliva, the artist opens up about the fears, doubts, and also resentment one feels after going through a hurtful break-up. “You took me to the worst place / You took me to the worst clubs / You took me just for one dance,” they sing to the girl who broke their heart. “She don’t call me no more,” they say resigned in the chorus. The beautiful, honest song is also paired with a visually stunning music video directed by Lola Margrain and co-starring actress  Louiza Aura (who’s been making waves this week with her film Les Reines du Drame, just presented at Cannes Film Festival).
After Saliva, we can’t wait to listen to the rest of the album, which is out in just a few hours. Camila started writing it two years ago when they started going thorugh major changes in their life concerning self-image, gender, sexuality, and change as the only constant in our world. Blending genres and influences that range from Charli XCX and Sophie to Lorde or M83, the record looks, feels, and sounds highly promising. Stay tuned!