In these last days of summer, Dior Homme unveils a series of still and moving images for the winter 2015 campaign. In the second collaboration between creative director Kris Van Assche and photographer Willy Vanderperre, they essay to explore the subversive elegance of the newest collection of the maison, using the most recent tools – like gifs. This is the story of a young American lost in the Parisian streets, looking for his love and appreciating the small little pleasures of the daily routine.
Boyd Holbrook, the actor and model of Paris XVIE, is almost a James Dean reincarnation – with his rebel hair and his thoughtful expression, reflected side to side by neon lights as he walks confidently in the sidewalks. A coffee shop to rest, a flower forever kept, a never forgotten eye contact. “Elle est moi” –she is me–, as we may listen in the one minute film, and he is disoriented in his own grace, dancing on the wooden floor in a tuxedo, playing the harmonica, jumping above his library. In a random attitude, almost paradoxical, he is at the same time the hero and the resigned. This might be the true contemporary and effortless balance that Dior Homme wants to share with the clients.
Vanderperre explains that Holbrook was their number one choice. “Walking in different parts of the city, he picks and preserves flowers as his memory of those places. He dances in his apartment as a nod to Gene Kelly and those big, emotional films at the end,” says the Belgian photographer. There is no doubt that behind Dior’s overcoats there is always a cosmopolitan man who needs some privacy, some passion in his journey and something to breathe for.