Daring the use of French, the Parisian duo is challenging the perception of electronic music. Simon Meny and Pierre Rousseau are made of a coincidence – from the randomness of a meeting came the creative association that we now know as Paradis. Couleurs Primaires, their first EP, is a symbol of melodious house paced by a suggested romanticism, the band has seduced their first listeners. Here is a one-way trip to Paradis, an essential guide to know all about a duo you will become addicted to.
If Paradis was a movie from the Nouvelle Vague, which one would it be?
Maybe it would be a movie from Éric Rohmer. It is difficult to make an obvious link to our music with a specific one but we feel close to his progressive writing, how he takes time and the way he used his medium to tell strip down stories, this is something that we are looking for when writing songs. La Collectionneuse is definitely a must watch!
Paradis is a band, but also a name. Is there a reason behind Paradis?
There is a reason; to make music which we can both agree on and be able, in some capacity, to be beautiful.
We should engage in a bit of history. How did you both start and find each other?
We met in Paris about seven years ago. We had a common friend who was hosting a party at his place and we started a conversation about music there. Few hours later we started having fun making music together. Pierre was visiting Paris at that time and Simon had a few drum machines and synths at his place so we started to have this habit of making music whenever Pierre was back in town and at some point, he moved here.
What were your first thoughts behind the debut EP?
Couleurs Primaires, for us, was an introduction to the sound of our album. When we released it we hadn't released any original music in several years, so it seemed important to give an indication of what that could be. We were also blessed with wonderful remixes from Superpitcher and Tim Goldsworthy as well as videos from Daniel Brereton.
From Couleurs Primaires to Recto Verso, how did you both evolve as individuals and creatives towards this new chapter?
We started the process of working on our first album pretty early and Couleurs Primaires was extracted from a first demo version of the album. When we chose to release Couleurs Primaires as an introduction, we then thought about pushing the album forward and add new material to it but Recto Verso and Couleurs Primaires came from the same impulsion in a way, we don’t feel like there’s a significative evolution between them. On another level, we have experienced a very inspiring time after the release of the album with the work around the live show, it pushed us strictly out of our comfort zone bringing to our music new aspirations for the future.
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What inspires you the most when creating a song?
All our music draws its inspirations from the conversations we have together. The songs are an extension of our relationship, and our conversations make a great part of our process.
You have shot a music video in London. What is your relation to the British capital?
Yes, Daniel Brereton made a wonderful video for us in London for our song Garde Le Pour Toi. It's a very special city for us. Actually, Pierre now lives in Paris, but he grew up, went to school, and went to university in London. 
Your songs explore feelings. Is there a message or symbol you are trying to express throughout the album?
Not really, as said above, the album is a reflection of our relationship, it explores the upsides and pitfalls of duality, which we have tried to explore with the simplest words possible.
I am curious to know how you came to this singular identity. The melody and the speaking approach that composes your style as a band.
As soon as we met to make music together, we brought face to face both of our individual sensibilities and a common area in the form of a sound palette started to come out pretty naturally and quickly. We are so different that we looked for a specific sound and emotion library that could be used together as a common language between us. It came to us like a communication tool between us as a first need.
On behalf of your fellow European listeners, when can we expect a tour in cities such as London or Barcelona?
Hopefully soon! Although the later we come the better we might play as a band.