Nostalgia runs deep in the newest exhibit at Hong Kong's Simon Lee Gallery. Out for Summer unites artists Qian Jiahua, Guo Hongwei and Lin Yi-Hsuan to create a warm, nostalgic collection that invites introspective observations and begs for reminiscence of summers past. Running until September 7, Out for Summer plays with youthful ideas of nostalgia, celebrations of the quotidian and fleeting moments.
Presenting three artists with stylistic differences but united through the treatment of colour, line and form, Simon Lee Gallery encourages a warm exploration of memories and intimacy of the personal experiences of both the painter and the viewer. Each piece transcends the canvas to reach out to the audience, begging for past connections and introspective intimacy between painting, artist and viewer.

Featured artist, Qian Jiahua explores lines, form and structure and their relationship to the confines of the canvas. She challenges the traditions and limitations of flat space, creating abstract works that feel as though they are reaching out to viewers changing perceptions of the relationship between art and viewer. On another hand, Guo Hongwei's paintings feature a sense of adventure and fantasy, ideas inherent to summer. He finds inspiration in images and memories from his childhood. Through the technique of diluting his paintings, Hongwei creates a sense of replacement of memories. His works are familiar scenes and spark a playful joy within the viewer as if they depict the viewer’s own memories.
Outfor Summer 2019 Simon Lee Gallery Hong Kong Installation View P 2.jpg
Outfor Summer 2019 Simon Lee Gallery Hong Kong Installation View P 6.jpg
To finish, Lin Yi-Hsuan is the third featured artist in Out For Summer. Yi-Hsuan's paintings are heavily influenced by his identity, with Taiwanese and South American cultures finding their way onto his canvases. The closeness and vulnerability that Lin leaves on his pieces come from his representation of himself and through the multiple styles and overlapping symbols. Yi-Hsuan's works find a balance between total abstraction and repetition as he shares his identity on the canvas.

Out for Summer's time at the Simon Lee Gallery is fleeting much like this summer. Running until September 7, the collective works of Yi-Hsuan, Hongwei and Jiahua as the Out for Summer exhibit is soon to be a just a memory.
The exhibition Out for Summer by artists Qian Jiahua, Guo Hongwei and Lin Yi-Hsuan is on view until September 7 at Simon Lee Gallery, 304, 3/F The Pedder Building, 12 Pedder Street, Central, Hong Kong.
Ghw 2018 the Mind Is Thinking About the Form but the Body Is Waiting for the Content 11040 P.jpg
"Panda Variation" by Guo Honqwei (2018)
Ghw 2018 Panda Variation.jpg
"The Mind is Thinking About The Form But The Body Is Waiting For Content" by Guo Hongwei (2018)
Lyh 2014 Mosquito1 11036 P.jpg
"Mosquito 1" by Lin Yi-Hsuan (2014)
Ghw 2018 the Originof Landscape No.5 11042 P.jpg
"The Origin of Landscape No.5" by Guo Hongwei (2018)
Lyh 2019 Literature 11037 P Front.jpg
"Literature" by Lin Yi-Hsuan (2019)
Qjh 2018 Red Edge 11030 P.jpg
"Red Edge" by Qian Jiahua (2018)
Qjh 2019 Lightning and Drizzle 11034 P.jpg
"Lightning and Drizzle" by Qian Jiahua (2019)