Orphée Noah’s new track titled Never Ending is the fourth single in the lead up to his debut LP, set to be released in 2024. The song paints a picture of the never-ending power of love, and really showcases his talent as a songwriter.
French multi-instrumentalist Orphée Noah is someone who seems almost destined to live a life as a musician. From spending nights sleeping under his father’s grand piano, to touring with his jazz-musician mother, it appears music has been engrained into him as a form of artistic expression. This is clear on the new track Never Ending, which seamlessly blends soul, jazz, and classical sonics into a rich tapestry of sound.
Thematically the song is interesting, tackling the existential idea of impermanence, and the beauty this can hold. Speaking on the track, Noah says “It’s an old cliché but it’s true. We are made out of 97% stardust. Our entire bodies were once created inside of a star. Knowing that helped me lose my fear of death aka fear of living.” Perhaps the song is one of healing, and acknowledging the enduring power love can have. The themes of the song, matched with Noah’s musical influences and soulful vocals, makes the track hold a profound intensity and weight. The opening features subdued electronic instrumentation, alongside Noah’s soft vocals. As the track moves on, an arpeggiated piano piece brings the meditative intensity required for a song tackling such philosophical themes.
This track acts as the fourth in the lead up to Orphée Noah’s upcoming LP. It appears that Noah’s un-compromising blending of talented instrumentation and songwriting is a real strength of his. We are looking forward to hearing the rest of the album. If the rest of the tracks are as powerful as this one, it will definitely be one to look out for.