After a three-year hiatus, Orkid released Proud back in January, a very touching song commemorating the recent passing of her mother. Today, she continues on this healing journey with Bed of Roses, another infectious pop anthem that blends catchy melodies with raw, honest lyrics. With this release, the Swedish artist takes the opportunity to announce that both these songs will be part of her upcoming and much-awaited EP, Where Flowers Grow, out in June.
Even though her stage name translates to ‘orchid’, it wasn’t until this year that the singer-songwriter started releasing songs whose titles relate to the world of flora. Quite the opposite. But the ephemeral beauty of flowers has inspired generations of artists for centuries, and when dealing with death, they become a prime example of how our existence on this planet is just momentary. In Bed of Roses, Orkid shows listeners that she’s able to channel her sadness and grief and turn them into beautiful music that evokes precious images. “So we wait for the sun to set / The sky is burning like cigarettes / Hold me close,” she sings at the beginning of her latest single.
Her velvety, enveloping voice transports listeners to a better place, one that is shiny and connects with our innermost feelings. With a dreamy production and sound, this slow pop song has us also  hooked in the chorus: “Make me a bed of roses / Forever and always / I’ll wait for you / Lay in my bed of roses / I’d be ok if that was the last day.” We hope that this ‘last day’ never happens, but in the meantime, we’ll listen to Orkid’s music to make us feel better.