Orchid, an artist who combines a variety of influences, from reggaeton to Ghanaian music, is today releasing the video to accompany her new single Worship Me. The dulcet tones of the artist's voice cut through heavy electronic beats to offer her reflections on the difficult phenomenon of self-care. In her own words, Orchid mused that the modern world “aggressively tells us to love ourselves” but forgets to mention the fact that “ugliness is worth adoration too.” This nuance gives the title of the song a sardonic poignance that is certainly not obvious out of context.
As for the visual content of the video, it starts off incredibly stripped back, with the artist awakening against a blank backdrop covered in glass. The initially minimalist background gives precedence to the artists own movements, that is up until garish vaporwave-esque graphics burst onto the screen midway through and the video takes a decidedly chaotic and psychedelic turn. To treat yourself to this audio-visual whirlwind, watch it here via METAL.
Orchid Metalmagazine 3.jpg