Born November 20th 2013, Open more than books is a small oasis for bookworms right in the centre of Milan. Although it may look like an ordinary bookshop, this amazing space offers its customers the chance to relax, study, work, have a sip of coffee or lunch, surrounded by all kind of books. Open has also a special section dedicated to digital culture, through the fifty tablets available in store and the innovative figure of the digital bookseller, able to help both with books and digital contents.
Right after climbing the stairs you can already notice the smell of coffee coming from the nice gourmet bar inside the bookstore. OPEN provides not only the authentic Italian breakfast, with artisanal bread, cakes, biscuits, yogurt, nuts, but also some good options for lunch and afternoon snacks. Moreover, if you’re planning to stay the whole day you would be able to enjoy their happy hour with a nice organic wines selection. A Sunday brunch will be soon available.
Open is the perfect place to relax, sinking into the quiet and intellectual atmosphere of each and every room, all designed by Lago. There is a large set of sofas and fancy designed armchairs which are there for you to enjoy; two main community tables, one of them reserved for those who want to study, and lots of little tables made out of traffic signals. The location provides also three meeting rooms for hire together with a co-working area, with dedicated wifi and other special services, like a bike rental for coworkers only. Besides, it proposes a rich calendar of events - from book, ebook and app launches to digital workshops for kids and older people, art and photography lessons, readers club, wine tasting and networking activities for business and startup-ers.
Different membership cards starting from fifteen euros a year are available for subscription, with advantages and services for three different targets: student, friend and business.There are thirty study places, almost half of them are right in front of the glass wall that surrounds the space, with a view to Viale Monte Nero, halfway to the city center. You can visit the bookshop all week, on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday from 10 am to 9 pm and from 10 am to 10 pm the rest of the week.
As the name says, Open is more than books, and it’s willing to welcome every customer whose interests are the pleasure of sinking into the imaginary of a book, lying on a sofa with some music in the background and a warm cappuccino between the hands, meeting other people, or simply looking for a stimulating and peaceful working environment.