Swedish up-and-coming melodic house star OLING's latest single is out today, marking his second project of 2024 under Jeremy Olander's label. Featuring Rebecca Scheja's vocals, Only Love is a bouncy dance song that's sure to get your feet tapping and your hips swinging.
OLING describes that "the song took shape the minute [he] got Rebecca's vocals [...] For over three years, it morphed and evolved." The track is indeed fluid and dynamic, with its echoing vocals and futuristic beat. In keeping with the house music style, Only Love features a fast-tempo beat, making it easy to dance to.
 But the track isn't just an anonymous summer banger; OLING adds his own fresh spin to the genre. His training as a drummer is clear in the clean rhythm and in the higher-pitched brassy synth, which resembles cymbals. There's also an unexpected dip in the middle of the song, where the beat slows down and the vocals become softer. The words "only love" seem to vibrate in a void until the beat picks back up into a triumphant finale. This catches us by surprise and makes the end all the more exhilarating. Only Love checks all the boxes of the classic summer dance song but keeps it interesting with a refreshing OLING twist.