In a time defined by lockdown and little (or no) mobility, Number One Popstar brings us the solution to get going and move our body. Although its author Kate Hollowell defines it as “an anti-motivational song”, her new single I Hate Running is exactly what we needed to get out of the chair and reactivate our joints, somewhat atrophied after so many hours sitting in front of the computer. Directed by herself in collaboration with Jordan Black, the music video is an ode to camp aesthetics, the eighties and aerobics, surrounded by a captivating sarcastic tone.
Who doesn't remember the cigarette sunglasses that Lady Gaga stunned the world with on Telephone? A historical scene that now presents its second chapter leaded by Number One Popstar, this time making a crown out of cigars. Hollowell makes fun of the culture that forces all of us to exercise in a (more than necessary) invitation to laugh at ourselves. From self-help books to a chapel, dollar bills scattered on the floor, and frenzied dance steps. Free your mind and dance!
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