Grab a blanket, some popcorn, and tune in to GucciFest! Yesterday night, the Italian House revealed its first chapter of the series directed by Gus Van Sant and Alessandro Michele. In Episode 1, the introduction of the week-long online festival, we see actress, artist and performer Silvia Calderoni inside her beautifully decadent home in Rome.
As she wakes up, she comes across METAL 42 cover star Maisie Williams in the bathroom and an amateur band playing music on another room. When she turns the TV on, we see author, philosopher, activist and self-proclaimed “dissident of the gender/sex system”, Paul B. Preciado, who’s giving a highly interesting lecture about binarism, colonialism, racism, sexism, and how they’re all intertwined. Still meandering around her house, Silvia goes to the balcony to watch passersby across the street and receives an unexpected visit.
Gucci Fest Episode 1.jpg