After just graduating from high school in 2018, this Canadian singer signed with Wax Records, and since then Noelle has been developing her signature R&B, pop, and jazz-influenced sound. And today we're talking about her latest release, Seasons Change, a heartbreaking ballad about waiting on someone who is emotionally unavailable.
And now at 20 years old, she has amassed a following of over ninety-four thousand subscribers on Youtube, after going viral with covers of timeless classics and today's biggest hits. She has been inspired throughout the years by those artists who she's been covering, they have now become some of her major influences when writing her own music. She once started out doing so with the piano, as a therapeutic way of expressing herself.

Seasons Change is not only a jazz ballad, as she says “This song really shows off my passion for old jazz, one of my favourite styles of music.” And the lyrics are as beautiful as they are tragic, in her own words: “It’s about falling in love with someone who isn’t ready yet, even when you are.” A heartbreaking, mellow track to let a good cry to.