Taking the first steps on a long way to independence, NOCUI today releases his atmospheric new single Pasión and announces forthcoming EP Anomie. The release comes after having presented his Shapeless Culture imprint, and this exciting song is just a sneak peek of what is about to come in his next EP, following the release of his debut EP Entrain earlier this year. The Rising Berlin producer NOCUI is managing to position himself in the music scene with a different sound proposal with a personal stamp that also incorporates an interesting narrative.
Latin, African and Middle Eastern cultural influences, all converge on NOCUI's tracks, generating an enveloping atmosphere with an identity. Something not easy to achieve in a musical scene where many artists follow trends, phenomena and media booms that do not stop happening and working step by step to create a personal sound is not as frequent as it may seem. His new single, Pasión, showcases his penchant for storytelling across soundscapes and syncopated rhythms. Stories narrated through sound turned into sensory journeys that catch our attention from the beginning of the song. 
"I'm obsessed with the idea of ​​storytelling, and to me, every track needs to tell a sonic story of its own," says the Rome native classically trained pianist when asked about the pillars that underpin his creative vision. Stay tuned because as we announced a moment ago, his forthcoming Anomie EP is due in early 2023. One more step in the consolidation of his independent profile, one more demonstration that his ultimate goal is to chart his own path based on truth, honesty and passion.