It’s always refreshing to find new artists to cheer up your hearing (and also your playlists). And there’s something satisfying in discovering emerging talent before the rest of the world catches up. So now, you can say you found out about Noanne here first. The Prague-born singer debuted last year with the single Goodwill, but she’s going to grow bigger in 2024. Her new song, White Glove, just proves that.
With a personality that’s equally enigmatic and theatrical, Noanne releases her second single so far to make a name for herself in the tough world of music. In White Glove, the singer invites listeners to forget about the real world and immerse in a universe where fantasy, the surreal and the extraordinary meet. Drawing inspiration from painter Mach Chagall, she paints this story in “vivid hues of love, enchantment, and sorrow,” and as Noanne explains, “Chagall’s ability to blend reality with fantasy, to imbue the mundane with a sense of the extraordinary, mirrors the song’s exploration of a love story that oscillates between the realms of a dreamy past and a stark present.”
The music video gives us a sense of this fairy-tale-like ambition. The musician oozes magic and enchantment through her dramatic performance, little black satin dress, bold makeup, and piercing blue eyes. And, of course, her powerful voice just adds another layer to all of that. Because what’s more dramatic than a love story that goes awry or, at least, starts to lose its fuel and passion? In White Glove, Noanne speaks of a woman who “finds herself clinging to the threads of a story that has lost its colour.” As she further explains: “The removal of the white glove is her desperate, almost theatrical attempt to challenge the norms, to provoke a reaction from her beloved, as if beckoning him to a duel not of swords but of emotions and memories.” Her new single is out now, and you can find it on all streaming platforms. Stay tuned for more!