Having released songs that exceed a million streams such as Consistent, one of her biggest hits, or Pass The Knife and Savior, with more than five hundred thousand listeners, No/Me now unveils her latest track, Different. A release that the Los Angeles artist, who was born to an orthodox, Israeli/Persian family, wrote when she was too anxious to speak her mind. “I had recently re-entered the dating scene and started developing feelings for someone new,” she replies when asked about the starting point for her new single.
“In an attempt to protect me from potential pain, I did everything possible to sabotage the relationship. The first half poured out of me during a freestyle when my friend and producer, Sebastian Furrer, hit the record button in a late-night writing session,” she adds concerning the creative process of this new release and its reason for being. “Black lung, guess I’ll be speaking up / Your tongue, could it be big enough? / Open, widen my heart / Begging “Why Why Why,” I said,” she sings at the beginning of Different.

“It’s funny because in the first verse and pre-chorus, I listed all of the reasons why I thought this person shouldn’t date me, but the second verse shares a completely different perspective,” she openly acknowledges. And it is enough to look at the lyrics to realize that it is true. “By that point, I had successfully pushed him away and wanted to offer an explanation for my avoidant behaviour.” No/Me narrates the roller coaster of feelings through music, making this art a universal language that, beyond reason, has a lot to do with emotion and instincts. “In the end, the relationship didn’t work out but I got my new favourite song out of it, which I now replay every time I need a reminder to speak my mind.”
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