Nothing and no one has managed to stop Nitepunk from gaining a foothold in the global music scene. Staying true to himself and overcoming all kinds of obstacles, the Georgia-born, Los Angeles-based artist makes a personal journal of music, sharing his reflections, thoughts and life experiences. Now, after having realised that all the ideas he had written over the past 6 years were representing significant episodes in his life, he's releasing his new LP, HUMAN. And this exciting full-length album demonstrates that he is poised to dominate the bass music scene.
“I called this album HUMAN because it's very complex musically and emotionally, as we all are. I wanted to capture raw emotions and experiences through music because that's the one thing in this life that I know best,” Nitepunk replies when asked about his latest project, in which through fifteen tracks ranging from Grounded to Better Off featuring Yianna allows us to learn a little more of vision of the world and his sound. A creative universe that has been forged over years in which he has lived many unforgettable experiences, highlighting his move to America to pursue his artistic growth.

“I had hit a massive reset button on my entire life and all of a sudden I was in New York on my own. This album reflects every moment of my time here,” Nitepunk comments on this turning point in his life, which he now shares with his audience through a curated selection of eclectic and high-energy break-beat-inspired songs. Designing an environment for fans to get lost in a labyrinth of sound, the artist has not only made a name for himself on the music scene for his releases, but for his interest in all the audiovisual elements that shape his project, and his charismatic live shows which blend ethereal beauty, hard-hitting dance grooves.