Candice Hoyes, Val Jeanty and Mimi Jones lead Nite Bjuti, an evocative improvised trio of Afro-Caribbean artists using electronics, vocalism, bass, Haitian drum rhythms, sampling and spoken word to cultivate their narrative journey. Through music and visual arts, the three artists address such transcendental themes as the coming of age, and deep physical, mental and spiritual change in their upcoming debut single they're now releasing, Mood (Liberation Walk). This single precedes their full-length album release on Friday, April 14, 2023, and proves that Nite Bjuti still has a lot to say and this is just the beginning.
“Jumping is tied to shared childhood experiences, embodies connectivity and the chasmic leaps of growth in the Black womanly experience,” says acclaimed singer-songwriter Candice Hoyes about the music video that comes along with their new release, Mood (Liberation Walk). The visual piece is imbued with a deep and important meaning and endows this single with extreme coherence. “In Mood (Liberation Walk) we express the sudden sensation of a girl jumping/jumped into puberty, roped into a new emotional reality, physicality and societal positionality. As explored in the music video, she jumps through the portals of her own design right until the foreboding street lights flicker,” she adds.

The Afro-Caribbean three-piece has recently played Nublu Jazz Fest, NYC Winter JazzFest, WBGO live broadcast performance, The Schomburg Center, and Jazz at Lincoln Center, and the ultimate goal they pursue through music is free expression and rediscovering the buried Diasporic beauty in the world, transcendent across generations. Drawing from a centuries-old Haitian folklore called Night Beauty, this single shows why this musical project is important and should have a prominent place in today's music scene.