Not long ago we published an interview with emerging fashion designer Ninamounah. With Mother Nature is a Slut, her debut collection, not only did she activate our salivary glands and aroused the bodily appetites, but she also made a video in collaboration with photographer duo Stadman Lara and musician Bea 1991. Moreover, together with her wolf pack of friends and models with beasty eyes, she is now travelling to London to conquer the runways of London Fashion Week Men's 2018, where she will show today, January 8. 
Surreal, atmospheric and sticky; the action takes place in a cold office colonized by silent creatures whose bodies, bathed in green-blue hospital lights, slowly and gradually peel the layers of conventionalities off. Layer by layer, they get closer to their inner animalistic self: a sexual human, a bored human, an aggressive human, a dreaming human. None of them has yet been able to leave the building or escape the everlasting surveillance of their cultural supervisor. The corsets they wear strictly circle their sweaty bodies in a strong, tight bond with no way out.

There is a lot to look forward to. “This show is a fetish relationship and your masters are your hormones. Your body is turning into a sex slave. It mixes the dominating hierarchy and plays with stereotypes and clichés. It uses restrictive school uniforms with sensual mohair wool. Because when society tries to tame raw instinct, it will only bite the ass even harder”, says Ninamounah about her upcoming show. “A big group of people is coming with me from Amsterdam to London, and Jean Paul Paula (stylist) and Florian Joahn (photographer) also asked their favourite animals from the London jungle to join us. Like Larry B, who is going to play some fine mating tunes” she adds.

The short movie is born of a fertile collaboration between Ninamounah, the talented photography duo Stadman.Lara, and the heavenly hazy sounds of Bea 1991. “Lara and Mark are oversexed and I believe they are true to their own nature, both to the good part and the bad one. I find this very appealing. Especially the bad part; how far can they go? Bea’s music makes you believe without a doubt that this world exists and it turns everything clean into something cloudy, like a shower after a sweaty office affaire. I think we create a perfect balance together, a perfect threesome”, she states about the collaboration.
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