Nikki Paige does not mince words and she is determined to make music a language with which to express herself freely and send the messages she feels at all times. Her unique voice and over 15 years of experience give her the ability to bounce around from pop, hip hop, RnB, EDM and rock music. And mixing her different influences, adding a huge dose of personality, she now releases her new single, Happy Birthday Bitch. An extravagant single that leaves no one indifferent.
Having signed her first songwriter's publishing deal at age 11 and after traveling with world's renowned songwriters such as Barbara Orbison and Ringo Star, the artist is now focused on her musical project championing self-confidence, unique personality and asserting her identity. She has already shown her personal stamp with singles like Bunny Hop or Watching You, with tens of thousands of listeners on Spotify, and now she does it again with her new track, Happy Birthday Bitch.
“No it is not my Birthday. It's a song made for the Birthday Bitch,” the singer shared on her social media with her followers just a few days ago. Experimentation and the ability to send powerful messages are two of her most recognizable characteristics of the artist, which have allowed her to enter the pop scene ambitiously, breaking conventions with her outlandish, creative, and meaningful lyrics. In short, Nikki Paige offers us a fresh style that is easy to identify, something that is not easy for artists and that she has achieved effectively.