“We make noise, not clothes” is the motto of the Japanese label Undercover. Designer Yun Takahashi makes clothes that have meaning and a purpose, so it’s not surprising that his creative eye caught the attention from sportswear brand Nike — the two have been collaborating to redefine running wear for over six years already. The newest NikeLab Gyakusou, available from November 10, consists of items that are designed to reduce distraction by being easily packable, showing once more how well these brands know what runners need.
Gyakusou literally means ‘running in reverse’, which is what Yun Takahashi does in the park: “I don’t always have a goal, like a race to train for, but running has become a steady part of my daily life, just like anyone else”, he says. It therefore makes sense that the designer creates apparel and footwear to support not only his own running, but also that of everyone else. He aims to make everyday running more comfortable and the collaboration with Nike fuses Japanese design aesthetics with the functionality and technology of the sportswear brand.

Since the beginning of this partnership, the NikeLab Gyakusou designs have always had a neutral colour palette, which blends perfectly with both the urban and natural landscape: “I intentionally include earthy colours and the traditional colours of Japan”. However, this season there are also some contrasting colours added in the functional designs. The pockets, meant to store keys, coins and your mobile separately, are returning in every collection. This season, a new Quickburst zipper and removable sleeves are added, for runners that experience changes in temperature. In short, NikeLab Gyakusou allows you no excuses to stay inside anymore.
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