Danish raised, Hong Kong based. A sucker for imperfections, addicted to travelling. My Camera My Rules is her world of freedom and happiness. It’s her fantasy turned into reality, it’s her personal diary and time machine. Nicoline Aagesen lived in Greece before Hong Kong and needed a change. Her friend was in Hong Kong and he said she could stay with him. So boom! She got a one-way ticket to Hong Kong. Now, she is pretty proud of all her exhibitions and work.
How did your art career start? In a nutshell, what intrigued you most about photography and when did you first know that you wanted to be a photographer?
I started assisting some danish fashion photographers during my time at the Danish School of Photography, but dropped out because I got a job in Greece. ‘Sim sim salabim’ I started shooting. I love to collect moments and keep them forever. And photography gives you exactly that opportunity.
How did My Camera My Rules come to you? What are you trying to discover or say?
A model I was shooting had just one million too many things too say, and I ended up saying “My Camera, My Rules!”; and that was it. I love to capture people’s personalities, or the feeling I give them when I’m shooting. 
Any photographers that have shaped My Camera My Rules or you found inspiring for your work?
Terry Richardson was definitely my first inspiration to create my own style.
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And your muse?
I have so many… Eva Gii, Isabel Guyt, Yana Vilkina, Akiko Sakai, Beki Adams, Zhenya Vincent-Zheleznyak, Akira reid, Alexandra Simpson and Tiziana des Pallieres.
What equipment do you mostly use? What type of cameras do you currently shoot with?
I use Canon 550D, Fujifilm instax 210 Instant Film Camera & Fujifilm instax mini 8 Instant Film Camera.
You also use Polaroid a lot. Why?
There is just something magical about it, you don’t take a lot of useless photos, you focus and catch the perfect moment.
You can be considered as a very active person who creates a range of innovative and diverse forms of art. Tell us what’s MCMR X PH.
My camera My rules x Print House is my newest collaboration, with focus on wearable art and desire to create and inspire. We play around with all kinds of different art projects, and just did our first exhibition together called #freethenipple at XXX gallery in Hong Kong. Apart from this, I also just started learning about permaculture, so in my free time, I go as much as I can to Perma Club in Hong Kong and play around in the garden, kissing plants, some tree hugging and suck in all the good energy.
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You mentioned “In between dreams. That’s how I found myself in wonderland”. How is this wonderland?
‘In between dreams’ is for me a paradise state of mind. It’s the best of the best, it’s a wave of positive vibrations and happiness. I’m still searching for the perfect location to build my dream home, but I think it might be between a few places. Why choose one place, when the world is filled with­ so many beautiful places?
Now you’re traveling quite a lot to LA What is your fascination with this city?
LA is totally la la land! I wake up and feel like I’m in a movie. I love exploring the city and getting lost. There are so many amazing locations for shootings, and I can’t wait to go back there for more adventures.
Is there anything you have not yet achieved and would like to chase?
I have a whole list with things I want to achieve… My main goal is to do what I love and make a living of it. It’s the ultimate freedom to me.
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