The Latin Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter skillfully tackles the challenge of finding solace in the passage of time. In this new single, 26 - Ni Tarde, Ni Temprano out today, Nicole Zignago artfully articulates how life seldom adheres to the youthful scripts we once envisioned.
Enveloped in societal expectations, our aspirations for the future often become burdensome pressures. Nicole's message resonates as a positive antidote to the relentless pursuit of an uncertain future. Instead, she encourages embracing the present, gazing fondly at the future, and taking pride in today's achievements. It's a powerful and much-needed message, especially for individuals like us, where self-imposed expectations often propel us in a perpetual chase for elusive goals that seem just out of reach.
After over four years with her project, the artist has earned a Latin Grammy nomination and is set to open for JP Saxe on his upcoming US tour. This new phase, introduced by the previous singles Bubble Aun and No Quiero Olvidarte, is noticeably more sincere and serene compared to the releases she had accustomed us to. It seems to be signaling the arrival of a new album. So, while we are yet to see what she has in store for us, we are delighted with the tranquility and tenderness she conveys so far.