Louis Vuitton is delighted to announce a five-year renewal of Nicolas Ghesquière contract as Artistic Director of Women’s Collections. Having served the house for a decade, Ghesquière succeeded Marc Jacobs in 2013. With an unparalleled decade of visionary leadership, he has consistently pushed the boundaries of creativity, cementing his status as a driving force behind the French Maison’s extraordinary growth.
Throughout his tenure, Ghesquière has captivated the world with his exceptional talent and dedication to innovation, reshaping the identity of the women’s universe within the Maison. His vision has been vividly brought to life through breathtaking fashion shows in Paris and beyond. Pietro Beccari, Chairman and CEO of Louis Vuitton, echoed his admiration for Ghesquière, recognising him as a “true creative genius.” Beccari emphasised the significant impact Ghesquière’s artistic prowess has had in reshaping Louis Vuitton – from redefining the ready-to-wear silhouette to creating iconic leather goods and shoes, Ghesquière’s contributions have been instrumental.
Reflecting on this milestone, the Artistic Director expressed his gratitude and enthusiasm, stating, “It is a true honour to continue writing the story of Louis Vuitton. We began the first chapter ten years ago, defining a new identity based on extraordinary heritage and a constant focus on innovation. In particular, I have had the privilege to harness the talent and expertise of the Maison and its teams to develop new codes. I am forever grateful for the trust and support of Bernard Arnault and Pietro Beccari on this incredible journey.”