By celebrating their one-year domain registration, New Art City hosts a festival from their virtual gallery with new exhibitions opening each day starting today until March 26. Displaying art by creators from Germany, Colombia, and the UK, among others, New Art City inaugurates a unique form of exploring creativity. Digital art enthusiasts will find conceptualised animations, spaces, and videos that cross the lines of ordinary thinking and delimitate the possibilities of imagination. Especially experiments with forms and textures will shift your perception of rational understanding.
Launched in 2020 and devised by Internet artist Don Hanson, the art space operates as a virtual gallery making online exhibitions easily constructible for artists and curators. With over 30,000 visitors the project has established a vast community from more than 120 countries. What makes New Art City festival unique is the fact that each artist can invent art spaces beyond the bounds of reality, being able to develop the virtual counterpart of conventional exhibitions.

Throughout the festival, multiple art disciplines can be explored, such as animations, virtual spaces, 3D music videos, and audiovisual applications created with different types of technology. Regarding the topics issued by the artists, the inspiration was also obtained by recent events, for instance, isolation caused by the pandemic and the development of a social media addiction addressed by artist American Jackie Turpin. Also, some artists like Andrew Blanton, Sebastian Batali and Aditi Raja have created a collaborative 3D audiovisual composition with the help of visitors called Antiphon, which takes place on March 22.
The New Art City Festival starts today and takes place in their own website until March 26.
New Art City Festival Metalmagazine 2.jpg
Looking Out Looking Over by Peter Basma-Lord
New Art City Festival Metalmagazine 1.jpg
Where We Go From Here by Delta_Ark
New Art City Festival Metalmagazine 3.jpg
ls -R by R Tyler,, omiindustriies
New Art City Festival Metalmagazine 4.jpg
Most Dismal Swamp - Dismal Sessions 001 - 021
New Art City Festival Metalmagazine 5.jpg
Mundo Otrus by Otrus Extraviadus
New Art City Festival Metalmagazine 6.jpg
New Art City Venue Opening
New Art City Festival Metalmagazine 7.jpg
Tape Mixtures by Hernando Fereira & Jonah Rabb