Taking photographs nowadays has become so easy that this form of art is accessible to anyone, resulting in a crazy amount of images being produced on a daily basis. However, since not everyone shares the same talent, we can separate the so-called wheat from the chaff. Luckily, GUP Magazine helps us doing so in this year’s edition of the book New Dutch Photo Talent.
GUP stands for Guide to Unique Photography; it literally offers an inspiring and informative insight into conceptual photography from all over the world. They started the New book series as a catalogue to feature the 100 best emerging photographers from the Netherlands in order to give them a platform and the attention they deserve.

The New 2017 book is available online in 4 different covers, but each one holds the same content: total of 420 pages covering all kinds of photography styles, ensured to leave you surprised every time you turn over a new page. The additional exposition of the work can be seen until the 29th of January 2017 in the Art’otel in Amsterdam.
Alice De Kruijs.jpg
Alice de Kruijs
Anastasia Bougakia.jpg
Anastasia Bougakia
Jelle Rietveld.jpg
Jelle Rietveld
Martijn Fabrie.jpg
Martijn Fabrie
Rein Kooyman.jpg
Rein Kooyman
Rogier Alexander.jpg
Rogier Alexander
Texas Schiffmacher.jpg
Texas Schiffmacher
Yuri Van Geenen.jpg
Yuri van Geenen