Teheran-via-Milan alt-pop musician Nava premieres today her latest music video for Sebra, a dark, moody yet high energy piece of work meant to work as an exorcism as she liberates her inner demons. Belonging to a five-part series of videos to present her upcoming album Bloom, out next May, this song is meant to haunt you and stay with you with its repetitive ritual-like beats.
Releasing right after Mah, Sebra is the second part of the series that visually represents her sophomore five-tracker. It shows a side of Nava that many haven't seen before, it's sort of like an accumulation of energy that just needs to come out, a consequence of a year full of unexpected events. In her own words "I think no one is really used to seeing that side of me that can be a loose cannon just as much as I can be calm and collected. But I must say in this 2020 if I didn’t bring out this side of my personality I can’t imagine where I would be or what I'd be doing by now."

There are two sides to everything and Nava is clearly tired of just showing her usual self, this is the time to come out of the shell and reveal what has been bubbling up inside you for so long and this video is exactly a manifestation of this. If you thought of releasing your inner demons before, and you thought that it wasn't the right time, well, now it clearly is. Sebra is the sign that you have long been waiting for.
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