Naomi Jane is making a grand entrance into the music scene. Remember her name because we’re convinced we will be hearing from her a lot in the future. She has a lot to contribute to the industry; at just fourteen years old, her compositions sound like those of a seasoned artist. In this year alone, she has released three songs out of the eight singles in her career. Following the releases of Green and Miracles (2023), the artist presents today Never Let Go, a sad pop song about a broken heart.
Known as the ‘poet of the piano’, although she also masters the guitar, the ukulele, the saxophone, and the violin, she began her artistic journey at the early age of four. She has illuminated stages in numerous off-Broadway and regional musical theatre productions, with her portrayal of Young Teddy Trager in the award-winning musical Aussie Song standing out. But that’s not all, we’ll soon see her in the role of Roxie Hart in Chicago in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara next spring, as well as starring in the upcoming cult classic A Night with the Sheintops.
Her powerful lyrics are skillfully woven into her music, delivering messages that resonate deeply in the heart. It seems incredible that at her young age, she can speak of experiences that we all have lived throughout our lives. Never Let Go is about that great love that, even if you’re no longer together and time passes, you know will always be your person. That love and esteem don’t disappear, even as more people come into your life. The artist clarifies that she has only loved two boys, with her first boyfriend being one of them, and even though they’ve parted ways, he will always be her first love. “You’re a habit / That I don’t want to break,” she sings. Who hasn’t felt that for someone? The guitar dominates the theme, bringing a nostalgic air that, combined with the bass and Naomi’s sweet voice, demonstrates her virtuosity and ability to surprise us.