As the year draws to a close and we’re getting ready to welcome 2023, Swedish new queer Gen Z artist Nao Mali is releasing their progressive debut EP EURASIA, out now via Rip It Up! Recordings. A four-track project blending a distinctive mix of 2-step-inspired production with an adventurous alt-pop dynamic throughout with which the artist consolidates their musical and artistic vision. High Fashion, Little Black Jockstrap, Ken Doll and Fake Rich are the four singles that allow us to get to know a little better the inner creative universe of Mali, who was born in Wisconsin to Swedish and Filipino parents and grew up in northern Sweden.
“The inspiration/concept for this EP is about being a humble diva. These four songs are kind of in their own universes but the thing that ties them all together is the sense of humour in the lyrics and that extra boost of confidence I think we all need sometimes,” they say when asked about the starting point of this new release, whose production inspiration has been a lot of 2-step and early 2000s hip-hop beats, but mixed with Scandipop. This last project is, in the words of Mali, “the gateway for me to start experimenting with my gender.”
EURASIA is full of energy, eager to conquer the world and show that they are here to stay. Their name will continue to resonate and the artist seems to feel comfortable in their own skin, sharing their enthusiasm and optimism with their audience. “Life is so much more fun and fulfilling when not playing by the boring hetero-normative roles. I think this EP is the perfect mix between comedy and glamour,” says the singer, in whose musical world limitless culture, sexuality and identity meet. Every day is a new opportunity to reinvent ourselves!
Nao Mali   Eurasia Press 1   Photo by Elle Johnson.jpg