Artivism is the use of creative expression to cultivate awareness and social change, inspiring critical thinking and empathy. We carry all the power to change the world inside ourselves. But nowadays, the world needs this power to blossom and be expressed. This is Namaqua’s mission: capturing the world's content in real-time, with slogan t-shirts.
Defaf Alamri, Namaqua’s founder and artist-in-residence, explores through her works issues surrounding identity, peace, sustainability and equality. Born in Iraq in 1982, moving to the United Kingdom when she was 4 years old, she has experienced first-hand some of the concepts explored.

The Nama t-shirt is refined and contemporary, crafted from organic Pima cotton, and finished with no chemicals or silicones. Cultivated since antiquity with particularly long fibres which result in a finished woven fabric that is naturally softer, stronger, and longer-lasting than one made of short-staple cotton fibres. This means creating pieces that will endure, a t-shirt that can be passed on along with a strong emotional connection and love for the item.
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