As the hands of time click forward in this digital age, screen-bound wonders shed their virtual cocoon, renew their expression, and conspicuously unfold anew in the tactile world of fashion. For a fleeting moment, the clocks stumbled in their ticking, as if in response to the revelation: Andrés Reisinger’s pixelated vision found its physical expression, and it’s woven into the fabric of Nahmias’ luxury menswear. Leap day appears to be the optimal moment to unleash these graphic marvels from screen confines! As of today, February 29th, until March 7th, this capsule collection declares itself in a ground-breaking gallery takeover at the esteemed Maxfield store in Los Angeles.
Such a declaration, born from the collective prowess of these talents, beautifully materialises through a casual collection that bridges opposites, bonding coastal-inspired casual elegance with a dreamlike digital aesthetic, into a diverse yet singular expression. The backdrop of this collection is an immersive interior design experience, true to Reisinger’s customary touch. Both vision and craftmanship position the resulting pieces as a mellow dreamscape or subtle fantasia, incorporating both literal and abstract nods to their digital origins, featuring the iconic apple symbol and other elements from Reisinger’s work. 
“I’ve always believed in the transformative power of interdisciplinary collaboration – melding diverse realms of creativity to birth something unforeseen. Partnering with Doni has been nothing short of inspirational; I’m captivated by his sense of colour, the kaleidoscope of influences he draws from music, California, sports, and the broader tapestry of pop culture,” notes Andrés Reisinger.
In a personal reflection, Doni Nahmias expresses “Driving past Maxfield every day and seeing Nahmias in the window and gallery of Maxfield will be surreal, as it’s a dream come true. I’ll take a moment each day to soak it in – pick up my oat milk cappuccino, sit on the curb, appreciate and reflect on the journey to get to this point (…) This is a special moment and I’m happy to share it with Andres.”