Nadia Vaeh embodies the artist that the new generations need. And we don't just mean her hypnotising musical proposal or her latest release, Snake Lady, but the values she upholds and the way she makes music a place of respect, trust and full tolerance. Born in Atlanta and linked to music since she was a child, the artist is committed to social causes and shares her life recovery experience with her audience, through the universal language that is music.
Classic reminiscences are fused with work adapted to the 21st century on Nadia's new single, Snake Lady, which narrates the feeling of being charmed by someone's conniving ways. An experience that accelerated her self-knowledge process whose resulting track is linked to the Love Yourself Project, where the artist will raise funds for non-profit organisations that promote self-esteem and self-acceptance. Her way of understanding music goes far beyond the sound, adding a remarkable social component that shows her true essence.

Her classic punky guitar sets her personal note on this new release, where pulses of echoing synths meet bold drums pumping energy. Willing to conquer the world, her origins influence her work, as well as various genres and musical styles that are combined through her personal character. Snake Lady is a single with strength and energy with which the singer translates into lyrics an experience that opened up her eyes and that she will remember for life. An emotional explosion that propelled her personal journey, and with which many of us can feel identified. And it is that music has been her best ally in good times and bad throughout her entire life.