Not planning a structure in their live shows and letting themselves be carried away by the energy that is generated on each stage, the New York electronic live trio N/UM are now releasing their second full-length album and fifth release, Levers of History. A project in which its three members, the multi-Grammy Award-winning mixing engineer and producer Jeremy Loucas, guitarist Elias Meister of world-renowned rap group Residente (Calle 13) and Danish multi-instrumentalist and producer Emil Bovbjerg, once again demonstrate their deep passion for electronic music. Are you ready to immerse yourself in a mysterious psychedelic soundscape? 
A musically stimulating hypnotic journey is what N/UM offers us with their latest release, which comes a few days before saying goodbye to 2022. Six tracks turned into chapters allow us to dive into its intriguing vocal runes laid back yet driving bass melodies, accompanied by body swaying grooves and guitar-work of an unorthodox but wide field of dimensions. The musical trio has not stopped gaining followers in recent years thanks to the atmosphere generated in their live sets, in which the uniqueness of each show and their great connection with the audience have been highly celebrated by the international community.
Additionally, for the release of Levers History, N/UM has collaborated with the Canadian visual art collective Isotone, expanding their work into multimedia art territory with a visual interpretation that adds an extra dose of personality to the album. Having released their debut vinyl Zebra in 2016 followed by the EPs YesAporia and Ravens, their last release marks the relaunch and return of operations of the groups' in-house label Ninetofire. Stay tuned because we will find them on the festival circuit and in major European cities in the Spring and Summer of 2023. See you there!