Having taken on the role of the Zulu Skywalker in his last album Interblaktic, which chronicles Muzi's journey of leaving South Africa and exploring his own artistry while realizing the necessity of coming home to Earth, the South African artist is now releasing eMtuntzini. This single serves as the initial track his forthcoming album uMuzi, out on October 13, making his debut on A-Trak's label Fool's Gold. This is a very meaningful romantic tale through Muzi's soulful blend of house and disco which delves us into the concept of his upcoming great project.
“I thought about my dad’s car, i-Cressida. I thought about the music that'd be playing in the car if we got to take one last road trip, so I made a “soundtrack” to that. Even though some memories were very hard to go through and heal from, in the end, all that remained was the immense love I had for my parents,” says Muzi when asked about this latest release, having made paternity one of the pillars on which he builds his forthcoming studio album uMUZI, due out October 13. “eMtunzini is a reimagining of how my parents met. The beginning of a love story; the beginning of me.”

Smoothly flowing between his native Zulu and English as he details their first date in a heartening attempt to celebrate his origins as an aural autobiography, this new single, eMtunzini, comes along with a music video that sees Muzi stepping into his father's shoes and assuming the driver's seat on a journey to the small coastal town of Mtunzini. “In expressing myself, I embodied my father,” he says.