The message conveyed by the electropop duo Moxi is exactly what we need right now. After a difficult period in which we have experienced many emotional ups and downs spending much of the time alone with ourselves, their optimism and the firm belief that human beings have the ability to change their lives for the better has become more necessary than ever. Anna and Andy Toy, the husband-wife duo from Los Angeles, are now releasing their hopeful new single, Back to me, along with a video bringing an optimistic message.
“I wanted to write a song that embodied how I feel when I'm in a meditative state. The highest version of me, where I'm filled with light, connected to the earth and space simultaneously,” comments Anna, who through her dreamy and introspective vocals makes music a repair balm that invites self-knowledge and exploration of our innermost feelings. And it is that after discovering the art of meditation, which helped her a lot to deal with her anxiety and depression as well as with the general perspective of the world and life, the singer was clear about what she wanted to achieve with this new release. “The version of me that fully embraces my uniqueness, embraces my primal creativity, and knows her power," she concludes.

More than a million and a half reproductions on her single Save me attest to her vocal ability and her innate talent. But if there is something that has enabled the audience to connect with the duo, it is the perfect formula with which they express emotions we all can feel identified with. In their work, we find reminiscences of the eighties, a golden age for music, interspersed with dark electronic textures and dream-pop melodies. Back to me is an invitation to reconnect with ourselves.