Being a GenZ’s staple, SHEIN brand founded almost 12 years ago launched last year MOTF a premium brand aiming for a selected and higher-end target around the world and which name comes from French’s ‘motif.’ Even though its prices are wider than the ones we usually see at the main online store, this is reflected on the quality of the garments, thanks to sustainable fabrics focused on craftsmanship. Now, with winter right on the corner, MOTF's new collection focuses on knitwear, and in particular fabrics like wool and cashmere, to welcome the coldest season.
Their new collection features a selected wardrobe full of timeless essentials and laid-back tailoring, portraying a range of minimalist garments in which black, dusty grey, and brown take centre stage in the brand's colour palette. These enduring, cosy staple pieces make for great outfits for lounging around or just charismatic everyday looks.

Under the concept of “Life is complicated enough, so choosing clothes shouldn’t be,” their jerseys, cardigans and loungewear trousers are here ready to accompany us on any occasion. Whether it is to work from home, to drink a hot chocolate drink or to go for a walk, we cannot do anything else than getting swooped by the spirit of comfort and calmness. Moreover, to keep us extra-warm we can also go for their gloves, berets and socks to achieve the full winter look.

The designs may at first look somewhat simple, however, the collection also features line patterns on jerseys and embossed mesh garments. In addition, all fabrics featured are hypoallergenic, airy and, according to the brand, wrinkle-free. They are made to feel as your own skin and they embody effortless refinement, which is why it makes sense that they went for wool and cashmere as the main materials. Not to forget that it’s a very smart decision on behalf of the brand to create such versatile pieces since it’s also a step closer towards a responsible model of fashion consumption. It’s all about maximising the usage of your wardrobe, a lesson the brand has learned well.

MOTF goes from thin pieces as we see on sweaters and dresses to thicker ones on its outerwear garments. This new collection isn’t exclusive for winter, but it also works as a great in-between option, as it makes for great layering pieces. With a nod to France’s minimalist style seen in cities as Montpellier or Paris, MOTF shoots straight to the heart of City of Light’s lovers.
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