Nestled in the enchanting forests of St. Moritz, Moncler Grenoble unveiled its Fall/Winter 2024 collection transporting guests into a fairy tale world where nature and fashion coexisted seamlessly. Taking cues from Moncler’s rich history supporting legendary expeditions and Olympic teams, the collection perfectly balances form and function, mountaineering and performance.
The colour palette of the collection mirrored the serene beauty of the mountains: from the tranquil shades of snow and ice to the warm tones of nature and the bold pops of red, white, and blue. Each piece spoke volumes up close, revealing intricate details such as geometric intarsia patterns reminiscent of traditional quilts, quilted textures evoking the cosiness of Aran knits, and other unexpected material combinations.
Anne Hathaway, Shaun White, Kate Moss, and other familiar faces sat front row snuggled in matching white capes, while some of the biggest models of the season such as Vittoria Ceretti or Mona Tougaard hit the runway. But what truly stole the show were the textures and trims that adorned the garments. Short or long hair shearling, wool, and synthetic components added a touch of luxury and warmth, creating a tactile experience that was as sumptuous as it was stylish. Imagine intricate stitch embroideries and maxi crochets adorning technical pieces, while flannel was laminated to withstand the rigours of the slopes without compromising on style.
Once considered a controversial and fading trend in the fashion industry, fur has begun to make a resurgence in recent runways, reclaiming its status as a coveted fashion statement. Designers and fashion houses are reimagining it while also using alternatives to cater to a more conscious consumer base. Traditional materials are being reintroduced with a twist, appealing to a new generation of fashion lovers who appreciate both style and responsibility. This renewed interest in fur showcases the industry’s ability to evolve and adapt.
Shirts transformed into sleek ski jackets, while duvets were fashioned in knit, exuding a voluminous shagginess that begged to be touched. Functional shapes, some even born from AI design processes, were brought to life through a fusion of diverse materials, creating bold silhouettes that exuded both comfort and sophistication. The collection redefined the average après-ski style by merging performance-driven elements with avant-garde design, transforming everyday pieces into technical marvels.
Adding an immersive touch to the experience, guests were treated to an intimate audio accompaniment through individual headphones, enhancing the overall sensory journey. Moncler’s ode to high altitude style transcended mere fashion; culminating in a holistic fusion of art and performance.
As the show concluded, Moncler extended heartfelt gratitude to the local community of St. Moritz for their invaluable support, underscoring the collaborative spirit that brought this exceptional event to life. The Moncler Grenoble F/W 2024 collection stands as a testament to the enduring allure of the mountainous landscapes that continue to inspire its creations.