Love is in the air—and heartbreak is, too. In new single, la la la love, Mixie shows us a love story that goes wrong and how she tries to overcome the grief with… well, an attempt to be with someone else. Because the best cure for an old love is a new one, isn’t it? With a music video co-directed by herself and Ryan Moore, and co-starring Emma Güereña, the NYC-born, LA-based singer delves into a sad but horny story about a girl looking for another girl.
Describing herself as “a Manhattanite, ‘mad-scientist’ renaissance girl for the 21st century—and LGBTQ+ to the bone,” Mixie has the nerve that characterises New Yorkers, is as multitalented as she says, and is proud to serve queer love in her music and videos. As she puts it, “With a background in visuals, directing, and fashion, I aim to release not just music, but sonic, visual, and physical experiences—inviting all into my brain, into the ‘Mixieverse’ where being/thinking against the grain is celebrated.” And we couldn’t be happier to delve into that cinematic universe that she’s creating for the past years.
Just in February this year, Mixie released her debut album, titled Mondays. The twelve-track record is the culmination of a year-long project releasing a song every first Monday of the month – like the MET gala in May, but twelve times more. But as you can imagine from what you’ve read, Mixie is unstoppable. So just over three months later, she’s back to releasing new music, and it’s la la la love
In the song, the singer opens up about being betrayed but her loved one. She opens the song with some warning lyrics: “I wanna tell you good morning / Come home and kiss you goodbye / There were red flags / There were warnings, babe / But I never had second sight.” After that, she explains the bad place she’s in because of this situation: “Gotta pop 5 pills a day / Just to keep my thoughts at bay.” And then, the chorus says it all: “You lied / I cried / La la la love goodbye.” Because it’s hard to stay strong, but once you’re aware of reality, you have to commit to the best for you, even if it hurts.