Holiday season approaches unstoppably, and Miu Miu sums the excitement up in this new video starring Dakota and Elle Fanning, Chloë Sevigny, Julia Garner and Sadie Sink. The five muses of the brand whisper disjointed sentences and questions in a warm atmosphere lighted by candles while dressed in elegant outfits with embellished collars. Those who love ASMR videos will be haunted by this piece directed by Francesco Maria Tiribelli, and those who don’t know what ASMR means, will just like it because of its delicate, intimate and even secretive feeling that makes the viewer feel as part of a sweet conspiracy.
Miu Miu’s objective is to reinterpret as inner monologues the overheard whispers and conversations that happen during Christmas reunions. Once friends and family are all reunited, the secrets, the anecdotes, the jokes and the comments start flowing in all directions: “Who is it?”, “I have something for you”, “You can tell me”, “Can you keep a secret?” are some of them. Old memories feel more alive than ever, and the strange mix created by each individual of a family ends up being more surprising than the perfectly wrapped boxes under the tree.