To jewellery box chimes, Miu Miu is here to cure our inner adolescent with the cloud-like Miu Wander bag modelled by Sydney Sweeney. Two things have punctuated this year in fashion: the television series Euphoria and Miucca Prada’s playful femininity distilled in that skirt. This collapse between two worlds opens up a dream space we just want to live in: woven in delicate and punchy hues, girlish silhouettes and practical form, it’s a bag for a main character.
The short film welcomes new plots to be devised and the mind to wander, taking notes from classic film stills to evoke a timeless atmosphere. Materially, the bag has a contemporary spin. The youthful sister brand to Prada appears as engaged as its fans to take a stand against ocean plastic, as the matelassé bag is made from recycled nylon that helps clear the seas. Designed with function and form held in harmony, sustainable materials are a smart choice. As ecological writers encourage us to view seemingly passive materials as an active part of the planet, we can envisage a hopeful journey from coastline to arm of this material that persists in our environment. Angelic, with a cheeky sense of false-innocence Sydney Sweeney is our contemporary pre-Raphaelite woman holding a bag that has seen life before now. If we were ocean plastic, we’d like to be reincarnated as this bag. If we were adolescents again, we’d be Cassie.
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