Misbhv’s latest catwalk show returns to Ibiza to present their Summer 2023 collection the Garden of Dreams. For Misbhv “each summer collection invites you to return to Ibiza, a continuous source of inspiration thanks to its mythology, energy, music, sights and smells.” In addition to its ties to the music and clubbing community, Misbhv draws inspiration from the iconic island of Ibiza, known for its vibrant nightlife and bohemian style. The brand has taken cues from the island's unique blend of hippie and club culture and incorporating sheer fabrics, glitchy prints and distressed leather to their “Club Wear Solutions.” Standout pieces in the collection include the crochet maxi dresses, vegan leather jacket’s and hooded long-sleeve corsets.
Misbhv's role in the music and raving community is just as significant as its impact on the fashion industry. From its inception, the Polish label has been heavily influenced by electronic music and underground rave culture. Their clothes fully capture the essence of the underground music scene cementing Misbhv's position as a cultural touchstone for those at the forefront of electronic music and fashion. Founded by Natalia Maczek in 2014, Misbhv's connection to the music and club community is a key part of its identity and a major factor of its success. By tapping into the energy and creativity of the club scene, the brand has been able to create a unique and daring aesthetic.
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