Last week Lyon, the French city mostly known for its gastronomy, was the host of the Mirage Festival’s first edition. Until yesterday February 17, artists and researchers will explore the digital art through its different platforms.
Local and international artists have collaborated to create a unique experience where digital and audiovisual art fusion to surprise and question the viewer. More than just installations or music, live performances, workshops and conferences will be going on for five days and all scattered around unique venues in central Lyon.
The festival started this Wednesday February 13 at the Subsistance with Fundbüro, a collaboration between artists and researchers from Lyon and Johannesburg. The exhibition takes place in Lyon with the interaction of multicultural artists re-evaluating something that seems distant in today’s world – that is the real distance in between different places – questioning the classic format of an exhibition and workshop.
Dealing with the relation between the art and digital world, the project gives an insight and makes the public think on how digital’s criterion upon which it is founded influences, contaminates and leads to new experimental art. Objects, performances are created in one place and then produced or reinterpreted in another thanks to the postal dispatch and delivery, technologic tracking and the use of digital technology. One of the projects, ‘I had a dream’ by Donna Kukama, is a wooden box where visitors could write one of their dreams. All the dreams would be sent to Johannesburg where other South African artists would interpret it into a filmed performance resent to Lyon where the public would be able to see the result, making their dreams come true.
The project, held by Catherine Beaugrand (artist and in charge of the DatAData at the ENSBA Lyon) and Georges Pfruender (artist and the Wits School of Arts director at the Witwatersrand university, Johannesburg), with Nicolas Baduraux, Elsa Bouladoux, Gaëlle Cintré, Mwenya Kabwe, Cynthia Kros, Donna Kukama, Dorothee Kreutzfeldt et Bettina Malcomess, Jyoti Mistry et Nontobeko Ntombela, goes on during the whole festival. The public can come every evening see the progress of the exhibition.
Later on, the digital exploration continued at Le Lavoir Public with OKO, a video installation by Nadezda Suvorova, Pierre Rossel and Jérémie Forge. Using images data from the NASA, OKO is a graphic, technologic and aesthetic hypnotism to the eye and ears. DJ Fubar added more grooves to the atmosphere with a set later on.