In the accessories landscape, Milleneufcentquatrevingtquatre (1984) appears like a timeless brand, combining traditional craftsmanship and ultra-modern prints. Amélie Charroin and Marie Colin-Madan, the two girls behind the brand, work with various materials like silk and cotton as well as with wood. Whether or not it is a noble or an ordinary fabric, the final result is always complex.
As a creative duo, how do you share tasks?
We work together, and we're trying to coordinate a lot!
Your last lookbook (SS’14) was shot by Coco Capitan. How did you meet each other?
We discovered Coco while browsing the web, We really appreciated her mood and her style and asked her to be our model for our SS’13 collection Varengeville-Sur-Mer.
Neo Geo collection was inspired by "passing landscape through the car window on the highway of the sun". What does traveling mean to you?
You pointed the thing! There are so many ways to have the feeling of traveling.
1984 is also a great novel by George Orwell. Does this specific date/ book inspire your work?
Not especially, the name of the brand comes from our date of birth. We like the fact that people think of the book, a very visionary novel. This year is very special for us…1984 - 2014, it’s our 30!!
You met one another during your art studies. What was it like?
Art studies are such an initiatory rite! It’s the pleasure of discovering!!! And then you finish school, completely blinded by the headlights of real life.
How do you decide which color palettes you want to work on?
You seem very concerned about quality and “made in France”…
We do our best to have a good product and make our customers happy! And yes, we are very concerned about quality and we like to incude the concept of proximity on our work.
Could you describe in three words the reality x 1984’s original prints?
Meeting - With - Svenja.
Where in Lyon are your favorite places to find inspiration?
Home sweet home, seeing the Alps in the morning, theaters, bookstores...
What has making scarves taught you?
A lot. Versatility, humility, inter alia... Be patient, keep the faith and stay utopian!
Which brands would you like to work with in 2014?
Designers Phoebe Philo and J W Anderson, and brands like Mother of Pearl, A piece Apart...