They’re young, pretty new in the industry (the band formed in 2019), but have already won this year’s Great Escape Festival’s Steve Strange Award. We’re talking about Milanosport, a band hailing from Milan (if the name didn’t give it away already) that blends post punk, synth-pop, surf rock, electronic Soviet, and more thanks to the different backgrounds of the five members (Federico, Paolo, Riccardo, Samuel, and Matteo). Today, they’re releasing their new single, Back in the Loop, via Factory Flaws.
Speaking of the inspiration behind the song: “Imagine a rural landscape made up of rolling hills, green pastures, fallow fields and dreamy streams. This song is the exact opposite,” they say amusingly. “Tar, cement, anguish, mechanicality. Everything in Back in the Loop sounds like Godzilla spitting flames. There is a guitar solo with no notes, you can barely hear the drums, though the drum machine takes you through disillusioned lyrics on how alienating ordinary life is.”
Indeed, at the core of Milanosport we find Fender guitars, 10 amps, synth and teamwork. All of these are reflected in Back in the Loop, their new, powerful song. Almost the entire first minute is purely dominated by the roaring guitars and drums, which keep on building up the tension and sound. It then bursts when the vocals come in, and we’re enthralled in a post punk song that lifts the spirits. After 2022’s EP Ain’t Big Enough and several singles before and after that feat, the music group is working tirelessly on their first album, set to see the light in 2024. Stream Back in the Loop while you wait for the new record!