Who hasn't thought about leaving the city and starting from scratch in another place? Or disappear for a few days or weeks, running away from the unbearable noise of traffic that makes it hard to think clearly at times? This feeling that emerges from time to time meets the almost addictive passion that we feel towards these places, resulting in a duality that sometimes makes our heads explode. The new single from Brooklyn-based Middle Part featuring Yuno, Chinatown, is about this clash of emotions.
“I've been thinking we should probably get away/ I'm over everything and never really thinking straight/ But don't you worry I know that we'll find a way/ The city has its way of always taking everything,” they sing on their latest release, which comes along with a fully animated video directed by duo Glendon & Isabella, who have directed videos for artists such as Portugal the Man and Surfbort. The band joins forces with a friend and fellow artist Yuno who provides a verse and backup for the roaring hook of the song, and together they address this feeling of wanting to leave New York City and wanting to remain in it at the same time.

Being an eclectic collage of distorted guitars, crystalline synths, and anthemic vocals that deliver the chorus, Chinatown talks about their own experiences in the big city, about what they feel, and their internal dialogues whose answers are not easy to find. “I love collaborating with my friends who inspire me, Yuno is one of the first artists we met in the city that made us feel accepted which makes this song feel that much more intentional,” said Andrew Selkōw, the lead singer of the Brooklyn-based indie pop artist Middle Part, a few days ago.