Silvana Trevale 6.jpg
NAXOS – The deep heart of Sicily in a rich perfume full of tradition and contemporaneity, by Xerjoff.
Silvana Trevale 1.jpg
LUCRETHIA – A lethal potion of hypnotic and bewitching power inspired by Lucrezia Borgia, by VCanto.
Silvana Trevale 5.jpg
TAIF AOUD – The exoticism of the Middle East in a bottle topped with crystals, by Roja Parfums.
Silvana Trevale 3.jpg
ANDROMEDA – A precious bottle of dream nectar inspired by the Andromeda constellation, by Tiziana Terenzi.
Silvana Trevale 4.jpg
ROYAL TOBACCO – An olfactory story of aesthetic pleasure inspired by the insatiable quest for knowledge, by Amouage.