A new issue where we talk about the value and valuable things. Conversations with amazing guests such as Tommy Cash, Devon Ross, Corbin Shaw, Shygirl, Kayode Ojo, Gavin Turk and Beate Karlsson. 
“Value is actually a word that I find rather difficult to define; inherently, it’s too related to money,” says Maurizio Cattelan when asked in this issue about when art is considered valuable, what adds value to works of art. “When talking about pieces of art, I always prefer to talk about their relevance rather than their value.” And when is an art piece relevant? He's quite clear about it: “Art should be incendiary; you should not be the same person after seeing a piece of art as you were before you saw it.”

I think is a great starting point beyond the art ecosystem, not only is it perfectly applicable to fashion but also as a way of life. Knowing how to distinguish between what's relevant and what's purely an accessory, wouldn’t make us a bit happier? When we talk about what has value to us, an intrinsic, unequivocal value, a value that nobody questions, in the end, we all go for the same things: family, love, friends, our pets. Time! The time is precious saying is something you learn with age (the sooner the better), and undoubtedly it's one of the topics we have discussed the most while making this issue.

About all of this, about humour, irony, intrinsic and acquired values (how much important is symbolism here), objects as pieces of art, fashion that you no longer know what it is, and about freedom as an inalienable value, we talk here to this issue's guests, the aforementioned Maurizio Cattelan and Tommy Cash, joined by Devon Ross, Corbin Shaw, Shygirl, Kayode Ojo, Gavin Turk and Beate Karlsson. As always, thank you to everyone involved, and to all of the collaborating brands that in some shape or form help us make each issue come to life.
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