1996, Jurgen Teller is commissioned by Süddeutsche Zeitung magazine to explore the theme of fashion and morality. At the same moment, after four campaigns in a row for Versace, model Kristen McMenamy was cancelled for the next one. “I was devastated […] Versace at that point was… that was it. If you're with Versace you're in, you're on top; if you get cancelled you're a loser, it's over. So I went back to London […] and Juergen had been cancelled. […] But we were Versace rejects.” McMenamy and Teller found themselves joking and mouthing off about Versace – “Versace? We don't need them, who needs them?” she recalls saying. The model then went on drawing on her chest the brand’s name with red lipstick; and this small thing ended up becaming a really important picture. Everyone found this photo horrible and was shocked by such a punk attitude coming from a glossy supermodel. But Kristen loved it, and it gained her international recognition.
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Kristen Mc Menamy Juergen Teller Süddeutsche Zeitungmagazine.jpg
Kristen McMenamy by Juergen Teller for Süddeutsche Zeitung magazine, 1996.

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