This must be one of the most famous and iconic photos from the Surrealism movement. Composed between 1932 and 1933, Glass Tears was created by Man Ray, one of the few photographers associated with Surrealism. Even though it has become an emblematic artwork, this shot was not meant to be a 'proper' fine art photograph. Glass Tears was actually an ad for a French mascara, 'Cosmecil' by Arlette Bernard. The photo is not even signed; there’s only a tagline asserting: “Weep at the cinema, weep in the theater, laugh till you weep without fear your beautiful eyes.” It might be important to recall that the spirit of Surrealism was actually widely spread to the general public thanks to ads like this.
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Shirt MM6, pearl earring SOPHIE BILLE BRAHE.

Glass Tears by Man Ray, 1932.

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