1992 was a year of presidential elections in the United States. For that reason, Donna Karan presented a rather particular campaign, entitled In Women We Trust. At the heart of the female empowerment era, Peter Lindbergh starred model Rosemary McGrotha as President; a dream within a dream! A faultless and sensual woman in those famous suits swearing on the Bible. Far from a feminist statement, it was for Donna Karan “simply a statement that when times are bad – and this country is in trouble – you turn to the motherer, the nurturer. I’m more of a female humanist, an equal opportunist, than a feminist.” That year, though, Bill Clinton was elected; and you know what happens next, twenty-five years later.
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Yvonne wears blazer TIGER OF SWEDEN, shirt MONGRAPHIE, tie PAUL SMITH. Mathilde wears suit HUGO BOSS. Romee wears vintage Flag. Emily Vivianne wears full look PAUL SMITH. Kiki wears suit LOUIS VUITTON, earrings EYLAND JEWELLERY. Karin wears jacket THEORY, blouse HUGO BOSS.

Donna Karan in Women We Trust Campaign 1992 by Peter Lindbergh.jpg
Donna Karan In Women We Trust campaign 1992 by Peter Lindbergh.

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